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Adam plays my promo!!

September 25, 2006

Adam Curry played my promo on his show The Daily Source Code (DSC467) today! Wow! So exciting… I don’t even have the words. It’s like finding two toy surprises in your Cracker Jack Box. And then opening one of them and finding another toy surprise. Oh, joy!

Pilot Episode: “Diversity”

September 23, 2006

My first podcast ever. This is so exciting. Of course, not everything went as planned. Whoever said don’t play with matches if you don’t want to, you know, burn your stuff… or whatever. I’ve never been very good remembering those things people say. I’m sure whoever said it was smart and all, but did they podcast? Probably not, but still it applies in this case. Am I making any sense? Just listen to the show.

Pilot: “Diversity” (16 min.)


September 22, 2006

Another promo done entirely by yours truly, Walter Flange. This one is nice and short.
Promo #2 (50 sec.)

A little self promotion never hurts!

September 21, 2006

Hey everybody! So launching into this crazy Internetaverse, I figured I should do something to let people know I am out here. Here I am! Hey, what’s your sign? You come here often? That’s a nice bag, is it Kate Spade? Okay, let’s slow down.

Get to know me: Promo #1: The Basement

Promo #1 (75 sec.)