Pilot Episode: “Diversity”

My first podcast ever. This is so exciting. Of course, not everything went as planned. Whoever said don’t play with matches if you don’t want to, you know, burn your stuff… or whatever. I’ve never been very good remembering those things people say. I’m sure whoever said it was smart and all, but did they podcast? Probably not, but still it applies in this case. Am I making any sense? Just listen to the show.

Pilot: “Diversity” (16 min.)

3 Responses to “Pilot Episode: “Diversity””

  1. Simplicity: digital hub » The Walter Flange Show Says:

    […] A new podcast from Matt Flanzer sports some witty and slaptastic humor that is right up my alley. The pilot episode, entitled “Diversity” takes you through the survivals of making his first podcast. In this episode seemingly everything goes wrong everywhere and anywhere he goes. […]

  2. Cory Krug Says:

    Awesome man; subscriber! I’m looking forward to listening to more episodes.

  3. An-Lon Says:

    Definitely looking fwd to more! Good job, guys.

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