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Episode 3: “Family”

October 20, 2006

As a seasoned podcasting veteran, I felt it was necessary to turn the proverbial mirror inward and examine what makes me tick. I’m talking genetics here people — the goppity-gook of life; but the Skittles, Smarties, and Spree that make the man somehow don’t reveal his soul, do they? Heck, I’m getting all philosophical and stuff like Socrates. Of course, he drank poisioned wine. Me, I can’t hold down a Yoo-hoo. Damn lactose. I pour some for my homies on lockdown, aiight? Check it — the show.

Episode 3: “Family” (18 min.)

Episode 2: “Duty”

October 4, 2006

Back with a vengeance! Aint nothing going to break-ah my stride… oh no. Of course, my Mom tends to slow me down; its true. But I am very glad she is an excellent attorney cuz I need one… or two, depending on how things go. You see, between the U.S. Army and my former neighbors, I might be in some trouble, but I have no fear. Because if this show has taught me anything, its… well, its a lot of things… its a big show.

Episode 2: “Duty” (16 min.)